Minecraft LAN Party! Season 3 Episode 19 – A Quick Little Update

A quick update on all the little things – ice farm, lava generator, pointed dripstone, moss… and maybe a few other things.

Walk MS 2022 is this weekend – I’m walking a 5K to raise money for the National MS Society. Donation link is https://mssociety.donordrive.com/participant/Bangsplat2022 and all money goes directly to the National MS Society, and is tax deductible.

I was diagnosed with MS in 2012. MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the myelin sheaths around nerves in the brain and central nervous system causing a wide variety of symptoms, and currently has no cure and only treatments of questionable effectiveness.

We’re 80% of the way to my $5,000 fundraising goal – can you please help get me to the finish line?

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