Snapshot Tour Episode 31 – House Of The Future (15w50a)

Mojang has improved the performance of the snapshots enough that Minecraft 1.9 15w50a is almost playable again. Well, not the Nether so much, but the Overworld is pretty good. So let’s do something I’ve been meaning to do – build a house!
I built a Minecraft version of the Monsanto House Of The Future – an exhibit that was open in Tomorrowland at Disneyland from 1957-1967. It was sponsored by Monsanto, which is now mostly known for GMO crops and biotech. But in the 1950’s, they were big into PLASTICS! And the house featured a microwave oven and flat panel television, and other super futuristic items. Many of these features of the house were commonplace by the late 1960’s and are ho-hum today.
But the house’s most memorable feature was the four cantilevered pods sticking out from the small central foundation pillar.

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